Finding The Best Skin Care Line

Finding The Best Skin Care Line

Trying to find the best skin care line for your specific skin type and conditions is something that many women struggle with. There are literally hundreds of different brands each with their own specific line of products so it is no wonder many people become confused. Another issue is that a lot of skin care products make a large number of subjective claims about their benefits which makes it difficult to get an objective review of their usefulness. In this article we will discuss some methods you can use to find some of the best skin care brands for you.

The first step you should take is to recognize and understand your own ‘skin type’. There are many basic skin types but even these have their own subcategories. You won’t be able to select an appropriate skin care product without learning what you should be searching for. This means more than simply deciding you have oily or dry skin since there are many factors which influence your skin type. Internal factors such as hormones, skin disorders and genetic factors can influence your skin type but so can external factors such as the climate, pollution, smoking and sun exposure. Your skin type can even be impacted by any medications you take or your diet.

Removing Problematic Products

What you may not realize is that products you are using can worsen or even be causing the skin issues you are trying to resolve. Products with a high concentration of alcohol, peppermint or menthol can dry and irritate your skin which can trigger excess oil production. If you are using too many products that contain ingredients which cause skin problems you may not be able to determine your true skin type. Products with thick-texture can clog your pores and prevent skin cells from exfoliating – the result is that your skin will look dry and dull. Scrubbing your skin too harshly can damage the top layer of skin which can cause more wrinkles as well as dry skin. As you can see there are many products which may be inhibiting your true skin type from showing which will stop you from finding the best skin care line for your skin.

After you have removed any controlling factors and your skin care routine no longer contains any problematic ingredients you will be able to determine your actual skin type. Remember that most people have a combination skin type since the center of your face typically has more oil glands and the area around your eyes and nose is usually more sensitive. Gently wash your face with a cleanser and apply a good toner then wait a couple of hours and see what happens to your skin without any extra products or makeup. Depending on the results you will be able to determine your real skin type. Use the following list to determine your most likely skin type based upon your skin’s behavior:

If most areas are dry, flaky or feel tight then you likely have dry to very dry skin.

If there is substantial redness with or without bumps then your skin type may be sensitive/rosacea.

If you notice lines around eyes, mouth and cheeks then your skin is aging/wrinkles.

If you find there is an excess of oil on your skin then your skin is oily.

If you are experiencing persisting skin breakouts then you have acne/blemish-prone skin.

If some areas of red, dry, and flaky patches that may itch appear then you may have eczema skin.

The appearance of some fine lines or skin discoloration could indicate sun-damaged skin.

If there is no indication of oiliness or dryness then you have normal skin.

Choosing The Right Formula

Now that you have discovered what your skin type(s) are you can make an informed decision about the best skin care line for you. Some ingredients do benefit all skin types – such as antioxidants and sunscreens. But there are also ingredients for specific skin-types such as benzoyl peroxide for acne-prone skin. The base that the product is formulated in should line up with the type of skin you have in that area. Use the below table as a guide:


As you can see trying to find the best skin care line becomes a lot easier when you know what you should be looking for. If you use the right products for your skin type you will have a much better chance of improving your skin care.

In this article we discussed the internal and external factors that can influence your skin type. We also talked about the different products that can exacerbate or even cause the problems in your skin. Through this we were able to determine a method by which you can find out your true skin type and therefore select the best type of product for you. As always, you can find some great Korean skin care products in our store. Also be sure to check out our 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine which is perfect for giving yourself that dewy, glowing skin.

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