10 Ways to Reduce Aging Skin

As you get older your skin will inevitably start to show signs of aging. There is aging of the skin which you can see but there is also aging that isn’t readily apparent. Generally the longer your skin is exposed to sunlight the more vulnerable it is to aging. It is therefore a good idea to develop a habit of keeping your skin healthy as early as possible. This article will show you a skin care method that is easy to follow. Use the methods in this article in addition to the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine.
Here are 10 ways you can keep your skin looking young as well as staying healthy.

1. Apply cream with UV protection daily

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You should use a cream with an SPF of at least 15. This should be done even during winter months when the sun isn’t as bright. Regardless of whether you spend a lot or a little of time outside even a small amount of ultraviolet light is enough to damage your skin. Applying a sunscreen product will slow the aging of your skin.

2. Use a gentle towel for washing your face

Not all towels are created equally – there are some towels which are very course that can remove too much moisture from your face. This is not good for your facial skin and can reduce elasticity and dry the skin too quickly. The most sensitive part of your face is around the eyes so you should be extra careful around this area.

3. Wash your hands before washing your face

Before applying any sort of Korean skin care product to your face or before washing it make sure your hands are clean. Your hands have many grooves which can easily hide bacteria and oil. If you notice you start to develop acne on your face this could be caused by the dirt and oil in your hands. Most germs that transfer from your hands to your face start from the fingernails.

4. Use an appropriate moisturizer for the season

When you are choosing a moisturizing cream be sure to select one with the season in mind. While having dry skin is very bad for your skin so can having too much moisture. Excess moisture on your skin increases the risk of infection from airborne bacteria. This means you can reduce certain skin problems by controlling the level of hydration depending on the weather.

5. Avoid leaving makeup on all night

Most women are very good at cleansing makeup properly at night but everyone can sometimes get tired and not wash their skin. If you leave makeup on all night your skin will be exposed to germs and will suffer from a lack of oxygen. While Korean skin care products are excellent for your skin night time is when your body needs to recover so it is important to give it room to breathe.

6. Visit a dermatologist periodically

The morning is a good time to check your skin to look for any abnormalities. However sometimes there are problems which you cannot see with your eyes. Often by the time skin problems are large enough to be seen clearly they have already spread. A dermatologist is best equipped to detect problems early on.

7. Avoid too many carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are known to be very bad for your skin. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is the amount of sugar in them and the second reason is that carbonated drinks are acidic. If you drink carbonated beverages make sure you consume enough water to make up for it. You should drink at least twice as much water as you consume in carbonated drinks. Water is important for reducing skin aging.

8. Avoid touching your face

Similar to how you shouldn’t wash your face before washing your hands you should avoid touching your face during the day. Bacteria from your hands can easily transfer onto your face. A common culprit is your smartphone. The surface of your smartphone is touched several times per day and bring this onto your face can transfer germs. The warmth generated by your smartphone helps bacteria grow.

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9. Start using anti-aging products in your 20’s

Remember that anti-aging products don’t reverse aging by simply attempt to stop it. This means the best time to get into the habit of using anti-aging products is when your skin is at its best. Most Korean women start using anti-aging creams when they reach twenty years of age.

10. Apply similar skin care to your neck

Most skin care products are dedicated to your face but often the area where wrinkles appear first is your neck. Apply similar levels of cleansing and cream to areas of the neck where wrinkles are likely to occur.

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