Skin Care Advice for Working Out

Following your Korean skin care routine in both the morning and evening is a good habit to make. You should also have a skin care routine for before and after working out as well. Spending just a few minutes taking care of your skin at the gym (or wherever you work out) is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Here are some tips you can follow:

1. Remove any makeup before every workout

Before you start your workout session it is important to remove all your makeup as well as any dirt and grime. When combined with sweat these surface material can significantly increase the risks of clogged pores and also acne. You may find it easier to carry around a packet of disposable cleansing wipes rather than a full bottle of makeup remover. Your best bet is to use a Korean oil-based cleansing tissue as it helps remove makeup and any other impurities that may be on your skin. You may feel more self-conscious without makeup but if you’ve following our skin care routine you should have nothing to worry about.

2. Wear sunscreen if exercising outside

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Although you should be removing all your makeup and dirt you still shouldn’t be completed exposed. This is especially important if you are outside or near to a window during the day. Sun damage is the leading cause of premature skin aging so putting on a layer of SPF sunscreen will be the perfect match for your outdoor adventure. Any formula which hydrates your skin as well as protecting it from sunburn is your best option here.

3. Change out of your workout clothes straight after

After a tough workout all you want to do is relax but all your workout clothes that are drenched in bacteria and sweat are right up against your skin. Increased blood flow after a heavy workout can also open up your pores which makes your skin more susceptible to getting clogged pores from dirt. You should be changing and showering without at least half an hour to avoid any irritation or acne breakouts.

4. Avoid touching your face

This is good advice whether you are working out or not. However during a workout this is even more important. When you are perspiring and working out your pores open up even more which allows dirt, oil and bacteria to more easily get in. It is best to use a gentle towel to wipe away any sweat. Make sure you wash your hands regularly.

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5. Double cleanse before and after

We’ve discussed cleansing your face before a workout but it is also important to cleanse your face after every workout also. To get the best skin you can get you should always have a facial cleanser with you so you can cleanse when you need to. Remember to use a Korean oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. There are dual cleansers you can use if you aren’t too keen on carrying too much with you.

6. Stay hydrated

A workout can help you sweat away any impurities in your skin but it also gets rid of your skin’s natural oils as well as moisture. This can result in dry skin. So following your double cleanse you should restore the moisture in your skin by using hydrating formulas in addition to your normal skin care routine.Try using a calming mist or a nourishing moisturizer.

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