About Us

The first step in the journey towards improving your skin care can be an exciting and fulfilling one. However like a lot of people I was confused by the amount of contradicting information out there.

It felt like most of the information I found was written by marketers or people who had never used the products. That is why I started this website with a simple philsophy – to sort through the mountains of information to find what really works.

This website is dedicated to following the Korean attitude towards skin care
– also known as K-Beauty. This is something I truly believe in which I why I can give you the information and tools to make it work for you also.

I recommend first reading the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine which will explain to you the steps involved. Then you can have a look at our Korean Skin Care Heaven Store which contains hand-picked Korean beauty products that we know will give you the healthy skin you crave.

Together we will start your journey towards becoming the best that you can be.


Kimberly Song
Founder of Korean Skin Care Heaven

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