Benefits of the Korean Skin Care Routine


Korean stars are big these days and the first thing about them that catches the eyes is their glowing and flawless skin. It is not just the stars but almost everyone in Korea possesses dewy skins and if you think it is the result of a few salon visits, you are so wrong. Skin care, in Korea, is ingrained into the daily routine of people from a very tender age; skin care is a very serious business there and that is why perhaps they are at least 12 years ahead of the USA in terms of it. It’s more than just the Korean beauty products they use but the steps involved in applying the products. The routine has been refined over a long period of time and people use it because it works. If you have already started with this routine but are still not quite convinced about its benefits, here is a list of reasons to convince you.

Korean skincare strongly focuses on hydration

We all know how important water is to have a healthy body, skin and hair. That is the first thing that is being told in every make-up tutorial as well – drink loads of water. But not just internally, what if I tell you that your skin needs water and by that I mean hydration, from the outside as well? This regime focuses highly on hydration. The toner, sheet mask, essence and sleeping mask – all aim at hydrating your skin. Hydration is what plumps up your skin and makes it look dewy and fresh, clearer and more glowing. K-beauty products keep the hydration right.


Product layering makes it more effective

Korean skin care focuses on layering as well. Other than the double-cleansing oil foam routine, the rest of the K-beauty regime is supposed to be layered. The toner / lotion are a hydrating product which coupled with essence, emulsion and sleeping mask amplifies the whole effect. Layering should be done from thin layers to heavier textures of lotions and creams in order to get your hydration right. This helps the products to penetrate your skin better and does not leave any greasiness on your skin. You will feel much comfortable with this kind of layering. Moisturizers and heavy creams are so last decade and moreover they are for people with much matured skins. Your skin is probably still too young and will be better at accepting lighter ingredients. Focus on the word ‘accepting’. Yes, putting creams on your face will do no good if your skin does not absorb them well. It would just be wastage of time and money otherwise. Circular motions are recommended for this exact reason. But lighter skin Korean beauty products also facilitate in their absorption.

Lighter texture of K-beauty products help in layering as opposed to heavier western products

Do not be intimidated by the 10 to 12 step Korean skin care regime. It just sounds like that because there is so much layering involved but this does not create any greas
y feeling. Because Korean products are very light and the whole layering aspect actually facilitates good absorption of all the benefits into the skin. Because of such light texture it penetrates the skin easily and does not feel greasy like other heavier creams and lotions. They are mainly serums and essences and have a water-base. This helps in the entire product to fuse together instead of piling over each other to create layers that do not mix and just sit on your face.

Korean skin care uses essences and serums

Essences and serums are nothing like moisturizers and I am sure you must have understood that by now. Although these are new a concept in the western world, they have been common Korean beauty products for quite some time. The Koreans had understood long time ago (way before us at least) that it is not the moisturizers but the light essence and serums that play a major role in gaining that glowing young flawless skin. These essence and serums are the key-products of K-beauty regime and the most potent product of all. They are things that rejuvenate your skin. We have this wrong idea that moisturizers do it all. Wrong! The serums and essences do. They are the real game-changers. If you can religiously use them you will soon understand and feel the difference in your skin.

Korean skin care is affordable

With such a long history of skin care in their culture, there is a strong competition among the many Korean skincare available brands, that prices are usually quite affordable. With an affordable price, people are more willing to use generous amounts of them without feeling too guilty.

Compare this to a high end brand that might cost hundreds for a tub of cream or a serum. With so much price people usually tend to use lesser amount than the one that is recommended and is actually effective. So instead of one pump, they go for two drops which ultimately does no good.

With most Korean skincare the prices are usually very economical as there is a lot of competition between many companies pushing their specific Korean beauty products. Sheet masks are very cheap, so you feel absolutely no guilt using them 3 times a week. Compared to an expensive SK-II sheet mask that you’ll save for “a special occasion” (which would probably never come). Yet, 3 times a week with a sheet mask will give you nice hydrated skin, and possibly a younger looking skin than if you were using an expensive product that you only apply after a lot of thought.

Korean skincare is innovative

Korean skincare is also pretty innovative, with their use of horse oil, snail mucus, bee venom, bamboo extracts and even more exotic things that I can’t remember now. When I was paying attention, it was snail mucus. I think it’s moved on since. While I’m not the first person to buy into these fairly gimmicky types of ingredients, I cannot deny that they are trying things that many other skincare brands would not. Perhaps they work, perhaps they don’t, but the novelty factor definitely sells!

I hope you are well convinced by now as to why the K-beauty products are raging in the market. As always you can look through our Korean Skin Care Heaven Store to find the right products for you.

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