Purpose of Essences in Korean Skin Care

The 10-Step Korean skin care routine contains a number of products that most people are familiar with as well as a number of products that some people may not be familiar with. This article will specifically talk about the step involving essences as it tends to be the step that confuses most people. We will learn about what an essence is, what the purpose of it is as well as the method it should be applied with.

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A commonly asked question is simply ‘What is an essence?’ The essence often gets confused with serum or toner but it is in fact in its own category of skin care. They are typically a very thin gel or like a watery lotion. You will find their viscosity is thicker than a toner but thinner than serums. They also are less concentrated than serums but they still contain anti-aging, moisturizing and complexion-fixing ingredients. They do sometimes feel similar to ampoules or boosters but are far less concentrated than these two products.

Certain types of skin benefit most from the use of essence. Mature skin, dry skin or skin with uneven tone can be helped immensely by the use of essences. Essence may not be ideal for oily skin or skin which is acne-prone however if you shop around you will likely find an essence that works well for your skin type.

The purpose of the essence is to prepare your skin to become more absorbent and make the following skin care products more efficient. The essence help your moisturizer become even more moisturizing. The analogy is often likened to that of a sponge – if you have a dried out sponge and pour water on it most of the water will run over it and it will not absorb much. However if you have a dampened sponge it will soak up and hold more water quickly. The essence is what lets your skin act as a damp sponge – soaking up even more moisture.

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The essence is applied after you have cleansed, exfoliated, and refreshed your skin. It should only be patted gently onto the skin – do not rub it or massage it in. You will want to allow enough time for the essence to be soaked up into your skin before you move onto the next steps of the ampoules. Doing it in this manner will help the essence aid in your skin repair as well as cell turnover.

In this article we spoke about essences and how they fit in with the Korean skin care routine. We explained what an essence was and the types of skin that benefit most from essences. We also learned about what the purpose of an essence was. Finally we described how and when an essence should be applied. The information provided here should help convince you to try out an essence in your beauty routine to see the difference it makes.

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