Seasonal Korean Skin Care

Depending on where you live the weather during different seasons can vary quite significantly. You can go from the roaring, humid heat in summer to the plummeting temperatures of winter with icy rain and snow fall. The seasons in Seoul often have this dramatic contrast yet the women there still manage a bright and dewy look regardless of the conditions. No matter where you live though it is important to tailor your skin care routine so that it matches every season. Similar to how your wardrobe changes depending on the weather so should you change your products to maintain appropriate skin care. This article will give you advice on how to tweak your skin care routine to give you the best results all year round.

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Your skin is much more fragile when it is exposed to dry and colder weather. It is a good idea to mist with you at all times so you can refresh your face sporadically throughout the day. If you are in a room with heaters on then your skin can easily become dryer and lose the moisture it needs to feel natural.

People often get a tight, cracking feeling on their skin after being under hot water like from a shower. A good idea is to therefore spray yourself with a hydrating mist after you have finished a hot shower. This will seal in the moisture and avoid any dryness you may otherwise experience. Be sure to use a mist that has strong hydrating ingredients for maximum impact. Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essense Mist is great because it also contains anti-wrinkle properties.

During autumn and winter a common skin condition that many people experience is dry, flaky skin. This can happen on any part of the face but often happens around the nose as people will be blowing their nose with tissues due to the cold weather. You should be exfoliating regularly with scrubs in order to maintain a smooth complexion. Gently exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells away. During this weather you should increase the number of times you exfoliate during the week. This will depend on your skin type so there is no specific number but experiment to find the best balance. Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea pads are great for this since they work for all skin types.

The summer heat can make your skin look greasy due to the extra sweat and oil during this season. Ultraviolet light from the sun can also dry out your skin causing it to lose moisture faster than it normally would. When you wipe away sweat you are also wiping away the protective layers on your skin – this includes natural layers as well as skin care products you have used.

The first step in the Korean skin care routine is the cleansing part and this part actually works best with cooler skin. Washing your face after it is recently received heat can be harmful to the skin. If you have recently been in the sun you should cool your face with cold water before beginning the cleansing.

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Another method of cooling down your skin after it has received heat or UV radiation is to use a face mask. This is another step in the Korean skin care routine and you can actually place the mask in the fridge prior to applying it. This is a great method of cooling down your face and skin.

In this article we have described some extra steps you can take to make sure your skin care routine works ideally regardless of the season. We spoke about using a mister during dryer weather to maintain the moisture level in your skin. We also talked about cooling down your skin with cold water during the hotter months, as well as refrigerating your face mask before you apply it. Follow the advice in this article and you will notice the difference.

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