The 10–Step Korean Skin Care Routine

We all crave for dewy flawless skins but when it comes to taking care of them, all we do is spend tons of money on fancy creams; creams that give you a false hope of curing your skin from years of damage. But the truth is that it is not so easy. The damage that has been done over the years will take at least twice the time to cure. The Korean skin care is in much vogue now and we can guess why. The Koreans have flawlessly smooth skin and skincare is a part of their daily routine. They start taking care of their skin since childhood and not at the age of 30 when it is almost too late. K-beauty involves an exhaustive skin care regimen that might just be worth the effort. Korean beauty products are considered some of the best in the world. It promises to give a dewy skin texture that you will fall in love with.

Here is the 10-step beauty regime that you can follow to get a glowing skin that your co-workers might get jealous about:

Step 1: The Removal of Eye Make-Up

Removing eye-make up is as important as doing one. Otherwise you will soon see wrinkles and crow’s feet around that beautiful pair. Use any good make-up remover or real olive oil cleansing tissues. A normal cleanser cannot do this job efficiently which will result in the presence of week-old mascara on your lashes.  A good make-up remover will not tug the tender skin around your eyes and that is exactly what you need. You can also use this process to remove any long-lasting lip color.

Step 2: The Cleansing

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Science says, that the more you exercise, the better is the blood circulation in your body and the better your skin gets. The same can be said about a good massage. So when you are removing the make-up from your face, make sure you cleanse it with the same care and time as you had given while applying it. Use an oil cleanser and cleanse your face in a circular motion to remove the foundation or BB Cream. Follow this up with a water-based cleanser. This will remove the oil from the original cleanser which have mixed with the dirty existing oil on your skin.

Step 3: The Exfoliating

Exfoliating removes all the dead skin and pollution that gets stuck inside your skin pores. But make sure you don’t scrub your face every day; twice a month should be enough. The black sugar peel off mask can bring back your glowing soft skin. Korean skin care routine gives a lot of importance on exfoliation but within control. Exfoliating too frequently may give you quite the opposite result.

Step 4: The Refresher

Toners of K-beauty products are less harsh and drying than your normal drug store toners. These things help you in getting rid of every last bit of pollutant and left-over cleansing product from your pores and prepare your skin to absorb the essence. Korean skin toners use exotic ingredients like bamboo, cucumber and other natural products. Even after cleansing your skin, you will find a dirty streak left over on using a cotton and toner on your skin which just proves that you need the toner to get the ultimate cleansing done.

Step 5: The Essence

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This is perhaps something that you haven’t heard before. On using this your skin will be affected on a cellular level; it speeds up

your cell turnover rate and thereby makes your skin brighter and smoother. The essence is one of the most important of the Korean beauty products you will use so be sure to find one that works for you.




Step 6: The Ampoule

These are practically skin boosters and just super concentrated versions of essences. Referred to as serums, this product contains key ingredients like bifida ferment lysate that help you get a brighter skin, less sunspots and reduces fine lines.

Step 7: The Sheet Mask

Masks are an essential part of Korean skin care and sheet masks can be used to moisturize your skin. Use them twice a week and more for dry skins. It is a wet papery mask that is soaked mostly in collagen. You get a wide-range of variety in this type of masks, right from avocado extracts to vitamin E. These masks help your skin to absorb all the nutrients efficiently and moisture it better than just normal creams and moisturizers. Your skin gets more plump and soft as an immediate after effect of using these masks.

Step 8: The Eye Cream

When applying eye-creams don’t massage or tug your skin but instead tap the cream around your eye area. The skin surrounding your eyes is highly delicate so it needs to be treated gently. There are a number of Korean beauty products which you can use for this step.

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Step 9: The Moisturizer

Yes, even after all that moisturizing you do need a traditional layer of moisturizer to layer your skin. Korean skin care is all about layering your skin so that whatever care you have taken if it does not escape easily. The moisturizer not only soaks your skin but also forms a protective layer on it.

Step 10: The Night Cream

The last but not the least, but rather one of the most important steps is the night cream application. By this point your face feels like a 6-tiered wedding cake and your skin has major glow—or as the Korean women say, a dewy, “moist glow.” The thing is that your skin needs to stay hydrated as you recharge overnight. And since the next big thing in Korean skincare is the use of fermented ingredients, pat in a cream that contains fermented snow lotus extracts, bamboo sap and fruit water. If it is in the morning then skip this and go straight to a BB cream or any product with plenty of SPF.

Don’t be intimated by such a long routine; it only reads like that but once you get used to it, it doesn’t really occupy much time. Because you see, masks and exfoliation don’t need to be done every other day. Spare 15 minutes every day and you are ready to go. If you get home very tired at least make sure that you have properly cleaned and moisturized your pretty precious face! Sleeping with your day-old make up on your face is a complete no-no. No amount of fancy creams and exotic oriental massages can free your face from that damage.

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